When I create art my favorite subjects are typically animals or mythical creatures
because I enjoy observing their shapes while thinking about the mechanics
involved in how they move. While I typically make my work through drawing and
painting, recently I have been exploring more three-dimensional media to help
enhance my storytelling skills. My primary aspiration is to become a character
designer within the entertainment industry and help create engaging stories for
all people to enjoy.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, I first began to take an interest in art due to
my love of cartoons, comics, and my older sister's ability to draw. It wasn't until
beginning high school that I realized making a career out of it was possible. In
2021, I graduated from the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California,
where I obtained my BFA in Illustration. Since then I’ve been continuing to create
both standalone works and adding to an ongoing personal project that I hope to
eventually pitch.

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